Ludlow Oak White Large Dining Set

Model: SQ- 400-401-137

 £ 299.95 £ 204.95
Launched on: 10th May, 2016
Product Description

Ludlow Oak White Large Dining Set Dining range is our best seller in UK. Great value for money, for quality and solid oak furniture. The attractive wooden finish will make your room more stylish and sophisticate. The double wall cardboard carton packing will give extra protection to your furniture while shipping it. by Corona Pine Furniture
Delivery time for these items if they are not in stock in around 4-6 weeks.
Delivery time for these items with flat pack in around 1-2 weeks.
Dimension: 1455 x 485 x 750mm
FREE DELIVERY MAINLAND UK ONLY ******************************* by Corona Pine Furniture

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